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Mine Your Own Gemstones

Big Gemstone Mining is a business bringing; “Gem Mine Ore”, (Dirt from a Gemstone Mine Site), to the public so you can find that "One of a Kind" Gemstone.

We currently source our "Ore" from four mines. All of the mines we retrieve ore from are at undisclosed locations, (in part to protect the mine and the simple fact that these mines are not open to the public. Two of these locations are being mined commercially, the other two are not. One never was but may be commercially mined in the future, the last one was commercially mined for a time in the past.

If you can’t go to the mountains we bring them to you!

We are currently working on accessing rights to other locations in NC and some from other states. We are planning to start with gold panning in the coming weeks. This will be at the gemstone mining locations. So, Please keep checking with us on this new attraction.

We are also looking to add some “inside sluiceways” before the winter and heating the water so your hands will not get chapped!

Our method is simple, we acquire the rights to dig ore from the mines. We fill up a truck with it. Then we take that “ore” to an undisclosed location, (I’m sure you understand why we do not tell where we keep the gemstone ore.) We scoop out the ore from the pile, (without looking in the ore), and fill the bags. We do not look through the gem ore first. If there is a priceless gem in there, we want you to find it. (We gain popularity this way!)

We will be adding some more super concentrated bags in the very near future.

You might get that priceless gem, (or another $1,000,000 Sapphire), But it could contain nothing but “dirt”! So we give you the competitive edge by adding stones as we fill the bags. We put a scoop of ore, then a bunch of stones! Then we put in another scoop of ore, and another bunch of stones. This way; We know, you get your money’s worth. It can not be just a bag of dirt. You will always get a great value! Some of the stones found in bags of our dirt, as they were found and after they have been cut and polished

When it comes to any part of jewelry we work with it!

  • We have three “Master” Jewelers and three gemstone graders who work with us. We can cut your stones into a “calibrated” (regular popular size) stones. Or, we can also “Custom Cut” a “one of a kind masterpiece” for you. And we can mount your stone in a regular mounting or “Custom make” a mounting using our metal (Gold, Platinum, or Silver) or reuse your metal. We do this work at our sister store Noblot Jewelers of Lincolnton NC.
  • We have a “World Class” Gemstone cutter (Lapidary) who works with us. Chris was trained in gemstone cutting and after cutting many wonderful pieces he also took some additional training under the World Famous Master stone cutter “Jerry Call”, (who has cut stones for Elizabeth Taylor, Tiffany’s, The Smithsonian Institute, Etc). Chris, has worked on many pieces including a recent discovery of one of the largest, best quality sapphires found in NC. This sapphire is currently estimated to be worth over a million dollars.
Customer panning at sluiceway

Another satisfied customer, panning for gemstones at the sluiceway.

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